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It seemed to us that we were always looking for a way to have all the external resources we use often, at our fingertips. And there were all sorts of cool tools that seemed to be in different places that kept moving and disappearing as people moved around the net, from company to company. So we decided to build a website, capable of being used by any browser, with minimal color and minimal resolution, for internal use, that had all those resources. And we decided to assign a couple of people to keeping it current, so that when something moved/died, we updated it.

Then friends started to use it.

So we thought we'd make it available to any engineer (or even clueful non-engineer) who might want to use it.

So here it is. Use it, but don't abuse it. And if you can think of ways to improve it, tell us. We don't promise to use your suggestions, but we will look at them.

By the way, "we" are the guys at CenterGate® Research Group, LLC. So all this stuff is: copyright CenterGate® Research Group LLC 1998-2016, except where otherwise noted (for example, when others have added their own tools to the site).

Please send enhancement requests, and suggestions to Real complaints send to /dev/null.

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